Winery Events

Discover our wide variety of upcoming winery events, including both virtual, and on-site events. Typically including vineyard tours and wine tastings, lunching events, dinners, educational experiences, and more, these opportunities to get involved with the vineyard, whether at the centre of the action or from your own home, are not to be missed.

Since planting the first vines at Chet Valley Vineyard, owner John Hemmant has aimed to deliver a deeper sense of value to our vineyard guests, spanning beyond creating an award-winning range of wine. The public and private events listed below are designed to offer an experience beyond taste, with our range of carefully curated hands-on activities providing an unforgettable opportunity to experience the joy of winemaking, vineyard culture, and shared interests.

Christmas English Sparkling wine Shopping and wine tasting at Chet Valley Vineyard

At Chet Valley Vineyard we are delighted to be opening our wine cellar door for Christmas shopping on Friday 3rd and Saturday 11th December 12:30 until 17:00.

Grape Harvest at Chet Valley Vineyard 2021

Huge thanks to all who volunteered to help with the 2020 grape harvest at Chet Valley Vineyard.

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