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English Sparkling white wine – Skylark & Artisan Chocolates Valentine’s Day Gift Box


Skylark Brut 2021 vintage is a lovely white sparkling wine, just recently released after 2 years in the making. In the year of 2019 Skylark was made in the traditional double fermentation method for the very first time, which means there is more depth and complexity compared to previous vintages of this wine. Skylark Brut 2019 won a Bronze award from WineGB. Our 2021 vintage has wonderful floral and fruit aromatics of apple, melon, white peach, apricot, and tropical fruits with just a hint of Elderflower on the nose and the subtle toastiness of the traditional method. Made in South Norfolk from a blend of 80% Phoenix, 20% Seyval Blanc. Inspired by the melodious little birds that rise above the stunning permaculture on our Norfolk vineyard, Skylark is a great celebratory drink on its own but goes particularly well with canapés and with friends and family at parties.

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Fantastic gift for someone special. A bottle of our award winning Sparkling white wine Skylark 2021 blanc de blanc made in the Classic method (double fermentation) with a box of fabulous locally produced Norfolk artisan chocolates.

This gift is delivered in a presentation box.

Wine Type

Traditional method sparkling wine.


2021 Vintage.

Grape Varieties 

Phoenix 67% & Seyval Blanc 33%



Residual Sugar 



Hand Picked, traditional method, secondary fermentation in the bottle. 12 months on the lees.

Chet Valley Winery 

Fourth-generation farmers son, John, also a qualified Chemist planted this plot in 2010 and built a new state-of-the-art winery in 2020. This wine is the first from these vines and the first to be produced in the new winery.


Gentle undulation with East-West vine row direction allowing slow ripening. The land has some frost pockets and is well-draining sandy loam changing to boulder clay (clay with chalk chip) at 1.4 metres depth. Can suffer from drought stress and nutrient leaching.


South Norfolk


Sandy Loam.




Maritime, westerly wind, rain shadow of Atlantic damp air where the rain has fallen on the west country giving East Anglia more sunshine hours and less rain than the rest of the country. Top temp. 35C lowest temp.-5C

Training Method 

Double Guyot Vertical Cane positioning although sometimes spur pruning undertaken. Vines 10 years old.


First week in October.

Harvest Method 

Hand picked.


Bottles 12 months after secondary fermentation.

Tasting Notes 

Gold in colour, mid tone. Apricot and white peach and pear aromas, also showing apple and citrus. 9g/l sugar, light fizz,well balanced

Food Pairings

Easy to drink, good with lightly flavoured food such as chicken or pasta. Best as an aperitiff.

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