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Cheese and wine tasting Evening Friday 8th December


We are excited to announce our first cheese and wine tasting evening hosted by the Chet Valley Vineyard team at the winery in Bergh Apton just 8 miles south of Norwich. The evening will entail a tasting of 6 of our delicious wines conducted by the winemaker John Hemmant, accompanied by a matching selection of Mrs Temple’s locally produced cheeses. Doesn’t that sound scrumptious!? Each of Mrs Temple’s cheeses will be tasted with the full range of John’s wines, and a vote will be taken on which ones pair the best. This will all take place in our wine hall upstairs, which commands stunning views of the surrounding vineyard and countryside.

The Skylark bar will also be open throughout the evening, where further wine can be purchased.

The event will run 6.30-9pm, with the bar open until 11pm. Please arrive by the start time. We suggest booking a taxi home.

Must be booked in advance here.


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