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Take a bespoke tour of Chet Valley Vineyard followed by a visit to the winery and an expert-led wine tasting. The experience is led by John Hemmant, the winemaker and owner of Chet Vineyard. John welcomes you with a tour of the vines where you’ll be introduced to each grape variety grown on the vineyard and learn about the history of the site. This is followed by a visit to the winery where you will see how each wine is made. We finish with a wine tasting of up to 6 Chet and Waveney Vineyard wines, accompanied by cheese and charcuterie. The tour takes about 2 hours.

This tour makes an ideal gift for wine-loving family members or friends. A personalised voucher can be ordered online and made up for the person(s) of your choice and addressed anywhere in the UK. The voucher remains valid for 12 months. The best time to take a tour is between April and October each year and can be arranged by appointment if there are enough people in the group. During the season tour dates and times will be published online. The tour MUST be booked in advance by the voucher recipient and cannot show up on the tour date and expect to be accommodated.

NB Please select “collect from winery” at the checkout to get free delivery of your voucher. Please provide your preferred delivery address.

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Wine Subscription

The Wine Guild, the successor to Chet Valley’s highly successful wine club, is a project close to the hearts of vineyard owners, John and Bridget. Designed with our most involved customers in mind, this exclusive membership offers the opportunity to get closer to Chet Valley and our processes. As a member, you’ll be invited to experience the vineyard’s permaculture first hand, meaning you’ll learn more about vine growing and winemaking.

Things To Do

Tours & Tastings

Discover the places and faces behind our award-winning wines from amongst the vines or from the comfort of your own home with our range of guided tour and tasting options.


Explore and book our wide range of community-driven events held throughout the year, ranging from our annual grape harvest to wine tastings and picnics at our Norfolk vineyard.

Venue Hire

Our beautiful indoor and outdoor vineyard venues are perfect locations for any occasion, including weddings and corporate events.

Vine Leasing

Create and enjoy your own fine English wine using Chet Valley Vineyard leased vines, with a number of varieties available.

Vineyard Holidays

Discover the Vine House, an exclusive holiday cottage set in rural Norfolk, with uninterrupted views across Chet Valley’s 10-hectare vineyard.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Our public, private, and corporate virtual wine tasting sessions, held over ZOOM, are attended by small groups of like-minded Norfolk wine lovers.

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    Our vision is to create the finest English wines in a sustainable way by marrying technical expertise with sensitivity to the grapes both in the field and in the winery giving our wine drinkers an excellent experience.

Wine Reviews

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