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We have included some links to useful websites and some videos so you get a feel for some of the amazing things that Norwich has to offer visitors to this Fine City. Click on the text highlighted in Green to learn more about our beautiful city which is about 8 miles from the Vine House and the surrounding countryside.

Norwich Travel Guide

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Norwich Cathedral – find out more



Norwich Castle – find out more

Norwich Castle is currently undergoing major rebuilding work, funded by a 15 million pound lottery grant and the castle keep is closed. You can find out more about the rebuilding work here. But there are still some wonderful exhibitions on display including a fantastic exhibition all about the history behind the Voyage of the ship the Gloucester, its wreck off of Great Yarmouth and the story of its incredible discovery by the Barnwell Brothers of Barnwell print in Aylsham.

You can read more about the exhibition here. We were amazed to hear how many wine bottles were found on the wreck By Julian and Lincoln, some of which had not been opened and still contain wine from 1682. Also some background from the University of East Anglia website all about the discovery and the artefacts found – some of which are on display at the Norwich Castle Museum by clicking here.

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